Icecream Social loves a party, no matter what the reason, or even if there’s no reason at all. We are based in Castlemaine, but love to travel and make regular trips to Melbourne and the whole of regional Victoria.

Being a small company means that not only can we bring our handmade icecream directly to your special fun time, we can also churn a flavour or two especially for the occasion.

We’ve got three scooping options.

The first is our most famous: our icecream truck, which seems to get people right in the nostalgia. This guy is easy to get around, and can carry around 1280 scoops.


Our second is our big cart, Natasha.He was handmade by sculptor and foundry man Craig MacDonald. This cart can carry around 640 scoops.

Our third is our little cart, Boris. Small but perfectly formed, this guy can carry around 320 scoops of icecream.  Craig MacDonald made him too, because Craig MacDonald makes cool things and we love Craig MacDonald and it is not even a coincidence that he’s one of our business partners too.

Now let’s talk money.

We have a $400 minimum.

We charge $7 a head for free flowing icecream until either everyone is satisfied or an hour has passed.

If you’re more than 40km away from Castlemaine, we also charge $60 per hour for the time it takes us to get there and get back.

You can also hire one of our carts to scoop your own. Boris is $200 per day to hire, Natasha is $250, which includes delivery within a 40km radius of Castlemaine, and cones and cups and spoons and napkins. After that, it’s an extra $7 per 10 kms each way for delivery and pick up. Our icecream costs $40 per five litres/$70 per ten litres for our basic flavours, and $50 per five litres/$90 per ten litres for our premium flavours. You can find a list of our current and classic flavours here.


If you’d like to request a booking, please fill out this form.

If you’d like to know more, email us at, or call on 0468729743.